Gold Coast Ships Australia can offer pre cut alloy kit sets and design services to the commercial marine industry and shipyards.

We have numerous designs to choose from between 5m and 50m in length for passenger vessels, offshore multi purpose vessels and patrol vessels. Our hands on commercial marine experience allows us to show you the right design for your requirements or we can tailor a new design easily for you.

Kit sets are pre cut, flat packed and shipped to your selected shipyard and country. We can cut from Australia or the USA.

Our procurement services can save shipyards the time and expense of having to source parts for your next project. We have a large range of marine suppliers globally who can supply you directly, or we can supply and ship to your needs by outsourcing purchasing management to Gold Coast Ships Australia.


We will act on your behalf to find a vessel for you, or inspect and negotiate your chosen vessel for you.

Years of qualified 'hands on' experience in operation of commercial vessels are ideal for sourcing your requirements or inspecting vessels to be fit for purpose.

Experienced 'hands on' ferry service operator and planner. We offer a business case analysis consulting service to those wishing to assess viabilty of service routes.

Main ferry services and consultant work to date includes costings for:

KPMG Australia (public ferry service)

Gold Coast City Council (public ferry service)

Couran Cove Island Resort (resort guest ferry service)

Gold Coast Ferries Pty Ltd (ferry service)

Aqua Taxi Company (water taxi service)

+ Numerous clients in 25 countries

Contact us with your requirements.