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Gold Coast Ships Australia is proud to have worked with some of the worlds leading Naval Architects as they developed the new generation 24m and 40m offshore crew vessel range.

The new 40m Crew Supply as seen below (gcsc 007) is to our knowledge the most efficient 40m mono hull in the world to date. Also gsca 006 to our knowledge is the most efficient 27m wind farm cat in the world.

Below are some of the many available designs. Optional ballistic protection available on most models.

Fleet and speculator discounts available.

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LOA:    9.4m                         Mains:   1 x 350hp

LWL:   7.5m                          Speed:   22-27 knots

Beam:  2.8m                         Pax:       8 pax - 1t payload

Draft:   0.6m                         Fuel:     2 x 600l

                                                   Propulsion: Water Jet

Pre cut kit sets come with with approved plans and electrical design.

LOA:    9.1m                               Mains: 1 x 380hp

LWL:    7.5m                              Speed: 30 knots

Beam:   2.8m                            Pax:  8 - 2t payload

Draft:     0.6m                           Fuel:  2 x 330L  

                                                       Propulsion : Water Jet

LOA:   12.7m                             Mains: 2 x 350hp

LWL:  10.80m                              Speed: 25-30 knots

Beam:  4.1m                              Pax: 14

Draft:   0.60m                          Fuel: 2 x 460L

                                                      Propulsion : Outboards

LOA:   16.8m                           Mains: 2 x 360hp

LWL:   15.4m                           Speed: 28 knots

Beam:   5.8m                           Pax:  12

Draft:    1.2m                            Fuel: 2 x 1500L

                                                      Propulsion : Optional

LOA:   26.2m                            Mains: 2 x 965hp

LWL:   23.9m                            Speed: 28 knots - 13t dwt

Beam:    6.0m                           Pax:  44 + 18t deck cargo

Draft:     1.0m                           Fuel:  13,300L

                                                      Propulsion : Optional

LOA:  40.6m                            Mains: 3 x 1350hp

LWL:  40.0m                           Speed: 31 knots

Beam:   8.0m                           Pax:  88 + 75T deck cargo

Draft:    1.2m                            Fuel: 102,000L

                                                     Propulsion : Optional








LOA:  26.6m                            Mains: 3 x 900hp

LWL:  23.7m                           Speed: 25-31 knots

Beam:   7.5m                           Pax: 12 + 18T deck cargo

Draft:    1.2m                            Fuel: 9000L

GT : 123                                    Propulsion : Optional

Compare with other 27m designs below:

Full pre packed kit set excluding engines from only $AU 290,000